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Children’s Dentistry

Children's Dentistry in Northwest Calgary

Kids should receive oral health care at an early age. It helps build and nurture good oral care habits and practices and allows kids to avoid common dental problems like caries and gum disease. At Carrington Dental, we have qualified dentists to care for your kid’s oral health concerns.

We care for each kid gently and compassionately to build long-lasting, positive feelings about their dental care. Our dentists near you make sure that every visit is gentle and full of positive experiences.

Our Kids’ Dentistry Procedures

The dental needs of kids vary, and so do our treatments. We offer these treatments and procedures for your kids:

  • Cleanings and preventive care – When your kids visit our clinic, we do a checkup to see how their teeth are growing and if there are issues of concern, such as decay and gum infection. We also clean their mouth and teach them how to embrace their oral hygiene practices at home.
  • Fluoride treatments – Considering kids are susceptible to cavities, we provide fluoride treatment to strengthen their teeth. The treatment helps in preventing cavities and discourages the formation of plaque and tartar.
  • Sealants – Our dentists also apply thin layers of resin material on the teeth’s grooves and fissures, particularly the chewing surfaces. Sealants help combat decay and cut the odds of getting cavities by nearly 80 percent in the first years after application.
  • Fillings – We place fillings to restore the stability and function of decayed or damaged teeth.
  • Extractions – A kid’s tooth severely damaged beyond repair may require an extraction. Our extraction process is always gentle, keeping your kid’s wellbeing in mind.
  • Bonding – If you seek a quick, easy way to fix your kid’s crooked, discolored, or chipped teeth, then our tooth bonding procedure may help.
  • Dental emergencies – Visit our dentists if your kid has a dental emergency; for instance, a knocked-out tooth or an abscess.

Contact Carrington Dental today to allow our dentists in Northwest Calgary, to care for your kids’ oral health problems!