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Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in Northwest Calgary

No matter how old you are, no one wants a cavity. But if you get one, you should immediately find a dentist near you. You won’t have to look hard, though, as Carrington Dental is here to provide you with the dental services you need to care for and protect your teeth at any time.

What is the Purpose of Tooth Fillings?

Cavities can form in the pits and grooves of teeth and in-between teeth under the contact points.

When cavities becomes too large, the tooth starts breaking down.

Once you have cavities, the main way they are treated is with a filling. A filling is used to replace the part of the tooth that has been damaged by the cavity and to restore chewing function.

What Are Tooth Fillings?

A filling is a dental procedure in which your dentist places removes the bacteria and broken part of your tooth and replaces it with biocompatible materials, restoring the tooth to its original contour and function.

Dentists can do this quickly in one sitting as an emergency repair for people suffering from pain. It may also be planned ahead of time if someone’s cavity exhibits advanced deterioration, especially if they’ve tried other treatments like topical fluoride therapy and brushing/flossing without success.

Fillings are typically made of composite resins (white filling material) but can also be porcelain (inlay/onlays) or metal (gold/amalgam). Each material offers specific advantages and maybe more suitable in certain clinical situations. Your dentist at Carrington Dental will help you navigate the many options and help you decide what is best.

Don’t let a cavity ruin your tooth; contact Carrington Dental today and get that cavity taken care of with a filling near you.