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Dental Implants

Implants in Northwest Calgary

No one wants to lose their teeth, but once it happens, what you do next is important. You should find a dentist near you that offers dental implants. Carrington Dental is your clinic for dental implants in Northwest Calgary. We can help you can get your smile back no matter how many teeth you have lost.

What Exactly Are Dental Implants?

For those unfamiliar with implants, it is important to note that while implants are an excellent solution to missing teeth, it is a surgical procedure and may not be one that works for everyone.

Like most other dental procedures, getting dental implants begins with an examination from our dentist to see if you are a good candidate. Depending on the state of your oral health and the amount of bone available, implants may or may not be an option.

Implants are permanent, screw-like fixtures anchored to the jaw. This means there must be enough bone and gum tissue to support the implant.

The greatest benefit of dental implants is that if planned and executed properly, they are as strong as natural teeth and entirely permanent. This means no more worrying about your smile or being able to eat your favorite foods.

We at Carrington Dental understand the commitment of opting for dental implants. Still, we want to give our patients all the possible solutions to tooth loss so they can have the highest quality of life possible and make the best choice for their unique situation.

Contact us today so we can discuss how our implant options work, which one may be right for you, and your unique situation to give you back a smile you deserve.