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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Northwest Calgary

Dental emergencies can happen out of nowhere, and when they do, you want a dentist near you that you can trust to go to any time. Carrington Dental is your go-to provider for emergency dentistry in Calgary, offering immediate care when you need us the most.

The Signs and Symptoms of a Dental Emergency

Knowing when you need emergency dental care is not as easy as it seems. What may not seem like a dental emergency could be a serious problem that you must fix immediately. Some emergencies can even cause other problems if left untreated.

Unexplained Pain or Bleeding

Suppose you suffer from pain that doesn’t have an obvious cause or source, or you notice bleeding unexpectedly. In that case, it is a good idea to seek emergency dental assistance to not only treat the pain and bleeding but to determine the root cause of the issue.


Another sign of a dental emergency is swelling around a tooth or inside of the mouth. Swelling can signify that a tooth may need to be extracted but can also be a sign of an abscess or infection that needs to be dealt with before it causes severe issues or endangers other parts of the mouth.

Cracked Teeth

Cracking a tooth can be a very serious injury. Besides needing to repair the tooth so that it doesn’t suffer any further damage, it’s important to ensure that the gums and the root of the tooth aren’t exposed because that can lead to severe pain and the potential for infection.

Lost Dental Equipment

The dental appliances prescribed to you by your dentist are very important for your oral health; losing them constitutes a dental emergency. If you have specific equipment such as a mouthguard to prevent grinding your teeth or a sleep apnea device, it’s important to do whatever needs to be done to replace them to maintain your oral health.

Don’t let a dental emergency get the best of you; contact Carrington Dental today.

When a dental emergency strikes, you need prompt and reliable care to alleviate pain and bleeding and avert additional complications. At Carrington Dental, we grant immediate attention to your dental emergency. Our emergency dentist in is committed to offering timely and effective treatment when you are desperate for relief.
Dental emergencies can happen unexpectedly, causing severe pain or damage to your teeth and gums.

Whether you’re experiencing a toothache, injury to the tongue or lip, a broken tooth, an abscess, or a knocked-out tooth, we are prepared to take care of the issue promptly. Visit an emergency dentist near you today for a consultation.

Issues We Address with Our Emergency Services

When you visit our clinic, our dentist will thoroughly examine the situation and develop an appropriate treatment plan. From same-day appointments to emergency root canals and tooth extractions, we address various dental emergencies and give you a peace of mind. We strive to salvage your teeth if knocked out, so ensure you get to us immediately.

As your go-to emergency dentist in Calgary, we understand the urgency of your situation. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling options and prioritize emergency cases to ensure you receive timely treatment.

Schedule an Emergency Consultation with Us Immediately!

Contact us immediately if you’re experiencing a dental emergency; let us give you the urgent attention you need. Our top priority is your oral health and well-being.